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Car Lockouts Wheeling IL 60090

Car Lockouts Wheeling IL 60090

I stopped to grab a bite at the 294 oasis on my way to a meeting in Northbrook and I locked my keys inside the car.
Niva Services was great. they sent a tech who came within twenty minutes of my call and opened my car door for me.
Even though I was 15 minutes for my meeting I was so happy that they showed up on-time because without them I would not have made it to my important meeting.

John R. Oakbrook IL

Life savers. I had just gotten back to the Chicago area from Carbondale IL when we decided to stop and switch drivers as I was starting to get tired the long drive. I just picked up my son from SUI for the summer and I had to go to work the next day.
As we came back from McDonald’s, my son was supposed to finish the drive home now that we are getting closer but the van did not want to start.
We called for assistance and a tech came looked at my car and said I think I can get your car going again but you need to replace your battery. I have batteries in my truck and I can replace it for you right now if you d like I said yes go ahead do it and he took care of it immediately. I am glad I found them online using my IPhone I really appreciate the help they gave us when we needed it
the most.

Joanne R Lake In the Hills, IL