Automatic Locksmith Testimonials

I stopped to grab a bite at the 294 oasis on my way to a meeting in Northbrook and I locked my keys inside the car.
Niva Services was great. they sent a tech who came within twenty minutes of my call and opened my car door for me.
Even though I was 15 minutes for my meeting I was so happy that they showed up on-time because without them I would not have made it to my important meeting.

John R. / Oakbrook IL

I am extremely pleased with the service by this mobile locksmith. I lost my programmable key for my Toyota. When I contacted the Toyota dealership the cost of a complete new key was over $350 and would take a few days to offer and then a trip to the dealer.
I found this company and call them. They gave me a quote of $185 complete and they came to my place of business the next day and prepared the key immediately. The technician is very friendly and professional.
He offered that if I should find my lost key he would reprogram it for free so that it would continue to work with the car. About a month later I found the lost key, contacted the technician and he offered to come the next day and reprogram the Lost Key without charge. If you need to replace a programmable key this is the place you should call First.

Rich F. / Grayslake, IL

I lost the spare keyfob for my Lexus so I purchased one online but it needed to be cut and programmed. The dealer wanted $220 to do it. Found these guys through Yelp and got a very reasonable quote plus it saves me a trip to the dealer. The spare key fob was programmed in less than 10 minutes and the key blade cut in even less time. Overall very satisfied with their service. I will contact them again for all of my auto key needs.

Andrew W. / Chicago, IL

I am usually pretty good with my keys my phone and my wallet I do not leave home or office until I check to make sure I have all of them with me but somehow Last night I lost my keys for the first time in my entire life as I am moving from one office to another and I have no clue where I dropped them I have looked all over for them no luck I called this company at 8:30pm after we finished the move and the were able to come to my rescue in less than 30 minutes I am very thankful for them coming out to help me at that time of the night and will definitely keep their info just in case.

Gary M. / Naperville, IL

I bought a Lexus ES300h and it only came with one fob key. I called 3 local Lexus deals and they wanted a really high price to make a spare key. I started looking for less expensive option.
I came across this business on yelp and gave them a call. Bill answered my phone call and was very friendly and answered all my questions. He gave me a price which was half the price of dealer. Bill came to my house and made the key on the spot in about 15 minutes. Bill was very professional and friendly. He gave me 3 year warranty. He made the new key & checked the new key to make sure it worked. I was very satisfied with overall with service and we recommend them to everyone. Thanks

Ari B. / Chicago, IL 60626

Perfect service. He came to me in Evanston, arrived right on time, and made me an extra key for my 2012 Toyota Camry in literally 10 minutes. He showed me the successful reading on the computer that it has been programmed and answered my question about the G chip versus H chip. I’ll update the review if I have an trouble with the key, but he said the programming is guaranteed for life and the remote (unlock) function is guaranteed for 180 days. I would recommend this business (although I hope I don’t ever have a need to use them again 😛 Need to keep track of my keys better!).

Natasha B. / Evanston, IL 60201